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Open MUI File

MUI, or multilingual user interface files are language resource files used by Windows operating systems as of version 2000 and above, and allow the interface to display different languages. While files with the MUI extension are usually associated with the Windows interface, they can also be created by Open GL tools.

The contents of MUI files are data for an executable program or a DLL executable library, which are necessary to change the interface language within a given program.

The Windows OS can open MUI files, depending on the instruction provided to the operating system by the user. The MUI architecture separates the language resources from the graphical user interface, based on the binary code of the operating system.

The separation makes it possible for user to change languages completely without changing the binaries of the operating system kernel. Languages are applied as packages that contain the resources necessary to present part or all of the user interface.

Facts about MUI files

  • MUI files are typically named the same as the .EXE or .DLL files to which they refer, with only difference being MUI file extension in the end. For example, wordprad.exe will have wordpad.exe.mui as a matching MUI file.
  • Each MUI file is assigned a location, in which data related to a particular language is contained, therefore, these files are generally found in subfolders nameds as specific languages.

Programs compatible with the MUI file


  • Microsoft Windows Multilingual User Interface

Alternative way to open MUI files is to use universal file opening software or Universal File Viewer.

As you can imagine, MUI files, because they are Windows system files, can be targeted by hackers to infect them with malware; Be sure to scan it with an antivirus tool. If the MUI is really infected, it is possible that the malware is blocking its opening. Scan the MUI file and your computer for malware or viruses. If the scanner detected that the MUI file is not secure, proceed according to the instructions of the antivirus program to neutralize the threat.

There is also the possibility that the file is damaged, either in the process of adding to the mail or by the network transit errors; If this is the case, ask to resend the file.

It is a system file and you must have the appropriate rights, there is a possibility that the file in question is only accessible to users with sufficient system privileges. Log in with an administrative account to open MUI files.

Finally, you must take special care in handling this type of files, since it is the presentation of the interface of your Windows operating system. Unless strictly necessary, we recommend its use to an expert.

Open MUI file on Windows OS

  • If MUI file you have is part of the Microsoft Windows Multilingual Interface you will not be able to open it independently. It can only be used as part of Windows MUI.
  • If MUI file you have is not part of the Microsoft Windows Multilingual Interface and you know the application which created the MUI file use it to open it
  • If you don not know application which created your MUI file you can use HxD, WinHex, UltraEdit to open MUI file and infer what is inside
  • In most cases MUI files are not supposed to be opened and are used as internal application components.