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MUI File Location

Depending on the type of MUI files, their location will vary depending on the needs of the software or operating system that makes use of it.

Most of these files, as they are system files, could be protected against erroneous modifications by the user by the OS, however, this does not make them completely invulnerable, since in any case, they could be exposed to attacks by malicious software.

Windows Multilanguage User Interface

As a language resource file used by Windows, it contains information that allows the OS to change different languages for the user's convenience.

Most MUI files can be found at:

% SystemRoot%\directory e.g., in Windows 7 it can be found in %SystemRoot%\en-US\.

They may also be located within specific locations of OS program installations, such as Windows Journal, Windows Defender, Windows Mail, and other Microsoft Windows programs, including Notepad (notepad.exe.mui).

The example shows the possible location of the file corresponding to the English language, however, each language can have its own individual folder, such as Spanish:


Or Chinese


These are only some examples and the naming of the folder may vary, even, on the proper installation configured language.

In Windows OS, other language packs with corresponding MUI files could be installed at the user's convenience, through the integrated Windows OS update.

Myriad software MUI file

MUI file or user instrument file used by the Myriad software, saves sounds from a variety of instruments such as pianos, strings, wood, etc. Myriad software can generate realistic sounds using MUI files.

The location of these files may vary depending on the program's host operating system, however, the user has the power to choose where to save and access them whenever they want.