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What is a Language Interface Pack (LIP)?

A Language Interface Pack (LIP) is a software that allows you to change the OS language and can be downloaded from Microsoft's website, it is worth mentioning that LIP is exclusive for Windows-based Operating Systems. Once installed, the translation replaces much of the Windows text, for example menuuiv in8, bh978 mijs, program names, icons, and more.

Although there are interface packs for almost every language available, each provides enhancements for only one specific language. However, it is necessary to highlight that a language pack replaces approximately only 80% of the original text used in Windows, this means that you will not always find a text translated into your natural language.

The language interface packs use files with the extension .mui, in this case, for Windows these provide a localized version of most of the user interface. MUI interfaces require a license to use and are available only with Windows and later editions than Win7. If your computer uses one of these versions of Windows, you can download and install a LIP with .mui, using Windows Update.

As mentioned above, not all languages are available. However, Microsoft regularly updates its language packs and it is recommended that you visit their official site to check for such updates.

For installing a Language Interface Pack, you can use Windows Update:

  • Click Start, then All Programs, and then Windows Update.
  • In the left pane, click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows checks for the latest updates for your computer.
  • Windows language packs are listed as optional updates. Click "Optional updates are available."
  • Under Windows 7 Language Packs, put a check mark next to the language pack you want, and then click OK.
  • Click Install updates. Windows will install the language pack.
  • If your language is not listed, go to the How to find and install a Language Interface Pack (LIP) section to find a LIP.

Differences between MUI and LIP

The difference between the MUI and LIP language packs is as follows: MUI, which stands for Multilingual User Interface Packs, offers full translation, while LIP, Language Interface Packs (Interface Packs) Language), only a partial translation.

MUI language packs can only be installed on Ultimate or Enterprise, while LIP language packs are usually available for all editions of the operating system (a MUI language is required for non-translated parts).