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MUI File Problems

Most of MUI file opening problems are caused by errors in the Windows Registry and incorrect association of MUI file with its corresponding source binary or LN file.

The Windows Registry is a directory that stores parameters and options for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It contains information and parameters of hardware and software of the operating system, most of the software that does not belong to the operating system and user parameters, this includes MUI files, of course, being part of the system files.

Part of the Windows Registry stores information about shortcuts to programs, such as a calendar. One of the most common causes is when your computer has been infected with spyware or adware, or simply by installing and uninstalling programs, shortcuts can be rewritten creating references to corrupt MUI files.

This is the main reason why a computer is not able to open certain types of files, especially MUI and .DLL files, which are particularly vulnerable to errors in the Registry, when they have been corrupted or erroneously modified by the user himself.

To repair Registry errors, you can open the Registry yourself and make repairs, but you must consider that this procedure is a risky one, unless you are a computer technician. The other option is to join a registry repair program that not only corrects problems, but also optimizes Windows performance.

Repairing by language pack reinstallation

MUI files could be repaired by uninstalling and installing corresponding language packs. Check in which folder your corrupted MUI files are located in. Typically the folder name will contain language name in it. For example en-US corresponds to English US language pack and es-SP corresponds to Spanish (Spain) language pack. Go to Windows 10 Settings app and open “Region and Language” settings. Open Language tab. You will see all language which are installed on your Windows 10 OS. Click on the language which matches the folder containing corrupted MUI file and then “Remove” button. The language pack will be removed. After that you need to install the language pack again. To do this click “Add preferred language” and search for language you just uninstalled. Select language options you need and click “Install”. Your corrupted MUI files should be replaced with correct ones.